Airbnb customers being scammed by criminals

Airbnb customers are being targeted by scammers who are sending convincing phishing emails, a cybersecurity company has warned.

Hackers are attempting to spread malware and steal personal data by fooling Airbnb customers into following malicious links and entering their personal information into a system that they control.

According to security firm Redscan the criminals are taking advantage of the new privacy laws across the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect on 25 May. Redscan discovered the phishing scam which encourages recipients to update their personal information to continue using Airbnb.

Redscan’s director of cybersecurity, Mark Nicholls, said it was difficult to estimate the scale of the scam, but it was likely to be directed at email addresses scraped from the open web. “The irony won’t be lost on anyone that cybercriminals are exploiting the arrival of new data protection regulations to steal people’s data,” said Mr Nicholls. Redscan advises internet users to check their emails for signs that the sender is who they say they are, and look for use of fake addresses.

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