maticWatch is a hosted threat detection and response solution, where SecurMatic operates a propriety Security Incident & Event Management system (SIEM), as well as a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) that monitors client organization's networks & devices to proactively detect threats.

maticWatch uses leading edge technology to help organisations defend against threats and exposures in their environment. Our solution not only provide monitoring, analysis and alerting of events, but ensure action is taken to secure your environment.

Security monitoring (SOC) is carried out via the proprietary SIEM offered with maticWatch (developed, maintained and operated by SecurMatic) or via client’s own SIEM. maticWatch platform supports integration to all leading SIEM systems.

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  • Network/Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Log Monitoring and Alerts
  • Security Event Correlation
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Customer portal with real time attack information and status of review
  • Customized Monitoring and Alerts
  • Behavioral analysis & Machine Learning for proactive threat detection
  • On-Demand Reporting
  • 24/7/365 around the clock monitoring
  • Investigation & Forensic Analysis
  • Incident Management to support clients with deep dive investigations when
    required and ensure timely resolution of high risk incidents
  • Highly trained SOC analysts that have the required expertise to identify
    potential threats and guide other IT teams on the appropriate response

Implementation Options

    maticWatch is designed to accommodate the following two deployment methods of its SIEM solution

  • On-premise implementation where the monitoring solution is hosted in the client data centre or
  • A hosted solution in a dedicated cloud instance at AWS

Monitoring Options

SIEM managed by Client SIEM managed by
Security Operations Center monitored by SecurMatic
1. Monitoring Only
2. Management of Client
Purchased SIEM &

3. maticWatch


  • The Security Operations Center Monitoring Service does NOT require access to organisations’
    Customer information
  • We only require access to specific security events captured by your security systems
    and other software
  • Security events will be sent to maticWatch using an encrypted channel such as a site to site VPN.

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