Security Operations Center (SOC)

The SOC forms the heart of cyber threat detection operation at SecurMatic

It consists of security analysts that provide real time monitoring of your networks and systems to identify, contain and respond to internal and /or external attacks

SOC analysts are highly trained information security professionals that have the required expertise to identify potential threats and guide other IT teams on the appropriate response.

The SOC operates 24 / 7, 365 and due to active monitoring, we can reduce the time taken to detect an attack.

The SOC analyst are highly trained to carry out investigations and forensic analysis.

Why SecurMatic

  • Actionable Intelligence: we generate rich ‘actionable intelligence’ which is relevant to the company
  • Threat Intelligence: we are proactive in the assessment of cyber threats with the support of a dedicated Cyber Intelligence team to minimise the damage if compromised
  • Business Relevance: our Security Advisors understands client’s business & technology environments, and ensures the service remains fit for purpose
  • Fully loaded ‘Base Service’: maticWatch service ensures early detection and quick response to cyber security incidents
  • Cost: our services are affordable to companies of any size (small, medium & large) – unique pricing model
  • Easy to Get Started: we make it easy to work with us. No expensive hardware investment required, no long-term contract & onboarding of new clients in a matter of weeks

Cyber Security - In-house vs Outsource

  • Cost Savings: your company will need to spend on hardware & software (SIEM tool), human capital & overhead to maintain the operation 24/7. Alternatively, SecurMatic has the economies of scale in technical and human expertise to provide a fully loaded service at 40% of the cost of an in-house managed team.
  • Skills: recruiting and maintaining skilled resources for in-house security monitoring solution is a barrier for many companies. SecurMatic has staff well trained in multi-faceted cyber threats, varying skill sets and experience to provide comprehensive security solutions
  • 24/ 7/365 monitoring & Support: your company would need a minimum of 6 - 8 staff to run and maintain a round the clock Security Operations Center, compared with SecurMatic where your monitoring cost will be less than 30% of your staff cost
  • Managing rules & updates: your company would need skilled staff who can modify monitoring rules based on market and industry conditions, whereas SecurMatic has access to global threat monitoring sources and monitors networks in other markets and industries, all that knowledge will be applied to your company
  • New technologies (use of data analytics) – SecurMatic in addition to constantly updating its alerting rules, use data analytics, machine learning and external threat intelligence sources to minimise false positive alerts
  • Reduce time to implement: with SecurMatic, your threat detection and monitoring can be set up within 1-3 weeks of sign up.

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